In my previous article on this evergreen topic of debate for advisors and investors, we’ve analyzed all U.S. Large Cap Blend, Growth and Value mutual funds, along with the most recent – Who Wins the ‘Passive vs. Active’ Institutional Debate? Part 4: US Mid-, Small-Cap Blends — to see who wins the passive versus active debate. (See all the articles in this series on this landing page.)

In this comparison, we’ll venture into the broad Foreign Large Cap – better known as Large Cap International equities. Keep in mind I’m using Morningstar Direct as my source of screening, testing and research on return/expense data points.  

So how does the Foreign Large Cap Blend space fare in the debate? My points of fund screening include the following:

  • Morningstar Category = Foreign Large Blend
  • Equity/Style Box (Long) = Large Blend
  • Investment Area = Global Ex United States of America
  • Fund Inception Date = < 12/31/1999 (For a true picture of a 15-year return period comparison, as anything shorter than 10 years, I believe, can easily be misinterpreted.)
  • Fund Share Class = Institutional Only


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