Investment ManagementAs an Independent Registered Investment Advisory, we operate under total transparency, and even more importantly, we act as Investment Fiduciaries. That means that we are not beholden to any particular investments, mutual funds or any particular group of stocks or bonds. We operate completely free of any proprietary products and have access to institutional class mutual funds, individual stocks or bonds, separate account managers, exchange-traded-funds, and alternative investments.

There is no template, no rule of thumb when we build an investment portfolio. Each client portfolio is unique. We must know you before we invest for you, so we provide each and every client with an Investment Policy Statement. This Investment Policy Statement summarizes your objectives and constraints, laying the framework for discipline decision making. Our disciplined approach consists of:

1. Clarifying your financial goals and assessing your tolerance for risk and volatility.

2. Determining the asset class combinations that we believe will best achieve those goals and what proportion of assets should be allocated to each asset class.

3. Evaluating the specific investments that will be used to build your portfolio.

4. Testing asset class allocations to determine how they perform under changing market conditions.

5. Re-balancing your portfolio at periodic intervals and recommending investment policy adjustment when appropriate.

All of our investment choices are chosen and reviewed by our experienced investment committee team and are recommended from advisors acting with a fiduciary capacity. This means that we have deliberately chosen to uphold a level of integrity that demands that we always act in your best interests at all times. In addition to our live client reviews, we also provide extensive investment account data with performance reporting on a regular basis, along with periodic updates via blogs, newsletters and weekly market commentary reports.

We manage your portfolio with a long-term, controlled-risk perspective, which strives to deliver consistent returns and seeks to build lasting wealth while avoiding the single disaster that can profoundly affect long-term return. The discipline application of a diversified investment strategy is simple to describe yet difficult to execute. It takes experience, diligence, and objectivity to get it right – qualifications that definitely define the culture here at Money Management Services, Inc.