An Advisor (and Client) Wish List for the Next President Image

An Advisor (and Client) Wish List for the Next President

My annual “wish list” usually coincides with the coming of Christmas, but this wish list is a little different, and one that I believe to be of dire importance for all Americans. So what do I (and my clients) wish for from our next president (and those elected to Congress) come November? 1. Simplicity We need a president that will take complex issues and easily explain them in simple terms so everyday Americans can make better decisions for all rather than just themselves. Our political landscape, world events and life in general is unbelievably complex today.

"IRS Offers Tax Relief for Tornado Stricken Areas" Image

"IRS Offers Tax Relief for Tornado Stricken Areas"

Read Andy's article published by Advisor One discussing "Some Relief Being Given For Tornado Stricken Areas"...

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Social Security in Trouble

Recently a question was asked to Barack Obama about Social Security. The President remarked: “So here’s the thing. Social Security is not in a crisis.” Hold up a minute, maybe the President has not read the Trustee’s of Social Security Annual report issued August 5th 2010. The “Social Security Act” requires the Trustees of Social Security Trust Fund to report annually on the status of the fund and make projections about the funds ability to finance promised benefits payments in the future.