Why I Don’t Like Roth IRAs: Tax Season Lesson, Part 1 Image

Why I Don’t Like Roth IRAs: Tax Season Lesson, Part 1

Tax planning for clients during tax season always generates new strategies and ideas, as unique situations tend to get my analytical wheels turning. From a risk/reward wealth management perspective, I like to look at tax planning with the actual cost to the client in mind, including what is the best cash flow option, because the most tax efficient savings strategy for each person’s situation is the ultimate wealth planning strategy.

What I Wish Every Prospect Had Considered Before Asking "Can I Retire?" Image

What I Wish Every Prospect Had Considered Before Asking "Can I Retire?"

As an experienced wealth manager and retirement planning advisor, I find it very challenging when a prospective client somehow thinks I can answer their “Can I retire?” question in an initial one- or two-hour meeting. I’m sure most fiduciary advisors have been asked the same question, which, as you know, entails a far deeper discussion, mostly driven by actions taken long before we ever meet the client.

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Playing to Win Still Matters in Football, the Markets and the Economy

Has anyone noticed the fantastic few weeks of college football we’ve had so far this year? If you haven’t, you must not live in the South or have the pleasure of experiencing SEC football, or better yet, Alabama football. With a mounting total of 14 national championships, the University of Alabama’s football history is like no other program, especially in the last three years. The school, coaches and players have shown their continuous desire for achieving maximum success on the field, to be sure.

The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction Image

The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction

Read Andy's article published by Advisor One discussing "The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction". By far, the hardest part of managing other people’s money is not just the research that goes into building a portfolio or picking the specific assets, but the psychology of how a client feels relative to the current marketplace and their specific goals, which are not always realistic.

Andy Gives a Presentation to UAB Periodontal Students Image

Andy Gives a Presentation to UAB Periodontal Students

In May, Andy was invited to give a presentation to the UAB Dental and Periodontal Residents regarding financial tips and information beneficial to decisions they will face, both personal and professional, once they are out of school and working.  Among the topics Andy explained were how to choose a mortgage and the options and benefits associated with each of them, seeking partnerships, evaluating partnership offers, investing for their future and smart decision making from the beginning.  The students

Andy Quoted On "14 Tips to Help you Invest More in 2012" Image

Andy Quoted On "14 Tips to Help you Invest More in 2012"

Andy was quoted in an article "14 Tips to Help you Invest More in 2012". Becoming investment-wise applies even if you’re working with a financial planner.  Wealth management specialist and CPA Andrew Rice, Vice-President of Money Management Services, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama, says his more knowledgeable clients do better in the market because their confidence allows them to handle more risk.

June Major Risks Image

June Major Risks

The markets will face three major events that could cause uncertainty to US markets in June.  Europe’s problems seem to be focused on the Greek Elections on 17th, then the FOMC meets on the 19th and 20th, with the Supreme Court likely to decide around the 25th the fate of the Health Care Bill.  The European event may the biggest market mover if the Greeks decide to exit the Euro.

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Stocks Close Up as Wall Street Posts Another Good Week

It was another exciting week on Wall Street as the majority of stocks continued to befuddle the most pessimistic pundits as stocks close up. During the holiday-shortened week, stocks took their cue from better-than-expected earnings reports and some unexpectedly strong economic data. It was the ‘bulls’ third-straight weekly win for the month of January and it’s the best start for a new year dating all the way back to 1987. And, what’s even more confusing and surprising is that the worst stocks of 2011 are now the new leaders of the still young 2012.