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Thank You Ben Bernanke!

Stocks closed out last week considerably higher as investors were pleased with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s comments as to our struggling economy and his decision to leave the door open for additional accommodation measures. Stocks pared losses throughout last Friday and turned higher for much of the afternoon session. At one point, the Dow was up 177 points before trimming those gains in the final trading hour. And even though most investors were hoping that Mr.

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Fears of Global Slowdown Sends Stocks Lower

Just when you thought it was safe to tip your toe back into the equity markets, stock market investors were greeted with another ugly week of losses as worries about a global economic slowdown resurfaced. We started the week having largely recovered from the huge sell-off of the previous week, thanks to the downgrade of United States long-term debt by the Standard & Poor’s on August 5. However, by midweek, stocks were all heading south again, as investors put their concerns on the growing European debt crisis, and the possibility of another recession here in the U.S.

Eight Questions to Ask About Roth IRA Conversions: ADVICE Column Image

Eight Questions to Ask About Roth IRA Conversions: ADVICE Column

In a previous article, I couldn't tackle all the issues associated with this complicated conversion dilemma, nor can I completely finish them here. However, I'd like to propose a number of additional issues worth considering, based on feedback to my original article, in the hope that it, as well as other discussions, will prompt advisors to step back and at least re-think their opinions on the Roth very carefully.

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Social Security in Trouble

Recently a question was asked to Barack Obama about Social Security. The President remarked: “So here’s the thing. Social Security is not in a crisis.” Hold up a minute, maybe the President has not read the Trustee’s of Social Security Annual report issued August 5th 2010. The “Social Security Act” requires the Trustees of Social Security Trust Fund to report annually on the status of the fund and make projections about the funds ability to finance promised benefits payments in the future.