A Toll Road as Metaphor for the Fiscal Cliff Image

A Toll Road as Metaphor for the Fiscal Cliff

On a family trip to Mickey Mouse headquarters (Disney World) last month (a trip I highly recommend for everyone; kids or no kids), we hit the toll road that takes you from Ocala into Orlando, Fla., where the magic makes it all believable. As we pulled up to the toll station, the toll taker cordially stuck her hand out and said, “$4.75, please!” My kids started asking questions. “Daddy, what was that?” At that moment it hit me that a toll road is a good metaphor for our current fiscal cliff issues.

Candy Economics at Halloween and Our Tax System Image

Candy Economics at Halloween and Our Tax System

At our house over the past few weeks, it’s been candy, candy and more candy after a few days of local church-sponsored Fall Festivals and trunk or treat events (or trick or treat – depending on where you live). Like most parents of young children across the country, my wife and I, along with our “University of Alabama squad” – including a 5-year old dressed as a cheerleader, a 4-year old suited up as the quarterback and a 1-year old decked out as Big AL (the university’s elephant mascot), embarked on our annual Halloween candy extravaganza.

An Advisor (and Client) Wish List for the Next President Image

An Advisor (and Client) Wish List for the Next President

My annual “wish list” usually coincides with the coming of Christmas, but this wish list is a little different, and one that I believe to be of dire importance for all Americans. So what do I (and my clients) wish for from our next president (and those elected to Congress) come November? 1. Simplicity We need a president that will take complex issues and easily explain them in simple terms so everyday Americans can make better decisions for all rather than just themselves. Our political landscape, world events and life in general is unbelievably complex today.

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Playing to Win Still Matters in Football, the Markets and the Economy

Has anyone noticed the fantastic few weeks of college football we’ve had so far this year? If you haven’t, you must not live in the South or have the pleasure of experiencing SEC football, or better yet, Alabama football. With a mounting total of 14 national championships, the University of Alabama’s football history is like no other program, especially in the last three years. The school, coaches and players have shown their continuous desire for achieving maximum success on the field, to be sure.

The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction Image

The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction

Read Andy's article published by Advisor One discussing "The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction". By far, the hardest part of managing other people’s money is not just the research that goes into building a portfolio or picking the specific assets, but the psychology of how a client feels relative to the current marketplace and their specific goals, which are not always realistic.