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If you are unaware, we have a NEW and more updated online web portal allowing you access to view your accounts/reports. As with everything, technology changes – and the new web portal already does more than our previous one. If you have not activated your portal and played around with it yet, you should. It not only allows you to view your accounts in real time, but it offers a way to run your reports using different time-frames and filtering. See the attached Demo screenshots. However, the new portal is not only a way for you to view your accounts. After we get past this virus disruption, we will be adding the custom reporting uploads just as we did before via the old web portal. These are the separate uploads that you received in previous portal’s vault. The new web portal setup plus the coronavirus has put us a bit behind on setting that feature up in time for the end of the 1st quarter uploads. But we promise that we will have your custom March reports uploaded to the new portal vault for you within a few months to catch up.

I will post updates on our website's news page, Facebook and Twitter pages as we add and we release them.

If you have not received an email from us to set up access to the new web portal, please email me directly and I will handle that setup for you. You can use the email icon link
under my profile or my email:

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