Kenneth B. Howell

Director of Information Technology

Since Money Management Service beginnings in 1992 technology has been rapidly changing. Anything from software updates to hardware networks, the technology of today is diverse and complicated. Ken Howell’s knowledge of finance and technology has been a huge asset to the success of Money Management Services. Ken has worked vigorously to keep Money Management Services on the leading edge of financial systems to service our clients. Ken is the longest tenured employee at Money Management Services and his 17 years of experience has been crucial to our success at Money Management Services.

Ken received his degree at the University of Alabama Birmingham in “Bachelor of Science in Finance”. In 1993 he was awarded the most outstanding Student in Finance. Additionally, Ken has a “Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Art” from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

He is an accomplished musician, and has been playing the guitar for over 35 years. Ken has a collection of eleven guitars. As the old saying goes, “He who dies with the most guitars wins”.

His big hobby is building home theater systems integrated with computers. When he gets the chance, he loves working in the arts, especially graphic, airbrush and photography. Ken is an also an avid dog trainer as well.

Ken unwinds by hitting the back roads on the “Deuce” his Harley Davidson FSXTDI. Ken and his wife, Cheri, have been married for twelve years.