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The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction

Read Andy's article published by Advisor One discussing "The 6 Elements of Portfolio Construction". By far, the hardest part of managing other people’s money is not just the research that goes into building a portfolio or picking the specific assets, but the psychology of how a client feels relative to the current marketplace and their specific goals, which are not always realistic.

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Thinking of a Hardship Distribution

Are you thinking about taking a hardship distribution from your 401k? For many Americans facing uncertain economic times, loans and hardship withdrawals from retirement savings are on the rise according to a recent study done by Fidelity Investments. While this may be the only option for some facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, there are a few things that need to be considered before you take that withdrawal.

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The 401k Plan Beneficiary Payout Issue

How does your 401k plan dictate beneficiary payouts? Some retirees have chosen to leave their retirement assets sitting in their 401k plans instead of rolling it over to an IRA once they retire. However, most retirees aren’t aware of their former Employers policies and procedures in regards to beneficiary payouts. Some companies may allow the beneficiary account to remain within the plan, most will require a beneficiary to take a “Lump Sum only” option, or be subject to the “5 year payout rule”

Eight Questions to Ask About Roth IRA Conversions: ADVICE Column Image

Eight Questions to Ask About Roth IRA Conversions: ADVICE Column

In a previous article, I couldn't tackle all the issues associated with this complicated conversion dilemma, nor can I completely finish them here. However, I'd like to propose a number of additional issues worth considering, based on feedback to my original article, in the hope that it, as well as other discussions, will prompt advisors to step back and at least re-think their opinions on the Roth very carefully.

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Social Security in Trouble

Recently a question was asked to Barack Obama about Social Security. The President remarked: “So here’s the thing. Social Security is not in a crisis.” Hold up a minute, maybe the President has not read the Trustee’s of Social Security Annual report issued August 5th 2010. The “Social Security Act” requires the Trustees of Social Security Trust Fund to report annually on the status of the fund and make projections about the funds ability to finance promised benefits payments in the future.

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Dying Without A Will

What happens if you die without a Will? Well, really no one dies without a Will, because if you haven’t created one for yourself the state you live in will. Dying without a Will is known as dying “intestate”, which basically means the state at which you live at the time of death already has specified laws to determine how your assets will be divided should you NOT have a Will.