An Advisor (and Client) Wish List for the Next President

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My annual “wish list” usually coincides with the coming of Christmas, but this wish list is a little different, and one that I believe to be of dire importance for all Americans. So what do I (and my clients) wish for from our next president (and those elected to Congress) come November? 1. Simplicity We need a president that will take complex issues and easily explain them in simple terms so everyday Americans can make better decisions for all rather than just themselves. Our political landscape, world events and life in general is unbelievably complex today. It’s become so fast-paced and complicated that the average person, in most cases, can’t comprehend or doesn’t have time to educate themselves on our country’s political and economic issues to understand where candidates stand on them. A prime example is a recent article from Fox News summarizing a report released by the SEC on “The Grim State of Financial Literacy in America.” The report concludes that Americans have a weak grasp on basic financial concepts such as stocks, bonds, compound interest and inflation. No wonder people can’t retire or haven’t saved enough for retirement! How do our politicians expect people to have time to understand foreign policy, taxes, unemployment issues, or even the economy as a whole when they’re just trying to manage family, kids and life? Or do politicians really prefer complexity….

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