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As of today, March 23, 2020, Money Management Services, Inc. will be implementing our Business Continuity Plan because of the COVID 19 Virus. Our Business Continuity Plan prepares and plans for critical situations such as what we are experiencing right now in our world. We have prepared extensively in our technology so that we can always work just as we do any other day by processing your requests/needs and managing your portfolios. Each and every one you are valuable clients of Money Management Services, Inc. and we are still here to discuss anything with you over the phone. So please be assured that we are still watching everything closely and making any adjustments as needed in your accounts.

Please also understand that even though we have a strong business continuity plan in place securing that we can always service you no matter where we are, the world is also somewhat shut down right now with minimal amounts of people working everywhere. So even though we will be doing all that we can to facilitate requests just as we always have, the requests outside of our office might happen a bit slower and outside process times might be a bit lengthened. We are still available to talk to you and discuss anything as normal. But please LEAVE US A MESSAGE IF YOU DO NOT GET US IMMEDIATELY ON THE PHONE, as we may be on the phone with another client. We WILL call you back.