Playing to Win Still Matters in Football, the Markets and the Economy

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Has anyone noticed the fantastic few weeks of college football we’ve had so far this year? If you haven’t, you must not live in the South or have the pleasure of experiencing SEC football, or better yet, Alabama football. With a mounting total of 14 national championships, the University of Alabama’s football history is like no other program, especially in the last three years. The school, coaches and players have shown their continuous desire for achieving maximum success on the field, to be sure. I find it interesting how the spirit of athletic competition can teach us a number of lessons as they relate to success in our country. I hope you’ll indulge my passion for Alabama football (ROLL TIDE ROLL!) and the parallels to our nation’s future, although the same points would be true with any top program. Like football teams, we know that investors and most people play to win. Yet does it sometimes feel that our politicians are not playing to win? Is government policy indirectly enabling people, promoting a mindset of socialism? It seems, as a nation, we are slowly evolving into a culture where everyone is entitled to endless prosperity, all at the cost of people who have earned their success. Government policy seems to be driving our nation towards a “losing” mentality by giving a place in the lineup to many who have no drive or ambition and haven’t trained or practiced. Eventually, we’ll end up fielding a losing team. I illustrated this idea in a previous article for AdvisorOne, Financial Freedom Is Not Free, which you may like to review. By increasing taxes on hard-working people, burdening them with additional regulation, and expecting them to subsidize more social services, it discourages self-responsibility and financial discipline. This concept of entitlement and enabling has even led to some youth league programs across the country choosing not to keep score in sporting events, for fear of damaging kids’ emotions or…..

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