2 Tax-Efficient Savings Strategies for Right Now: Tax Season Lesson, Pt. 2

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Because every client’s needs are unique, a canned approach to tax-efficient savings of Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), NQ annuities, NQ accounts, etc., is not necessarily the most flexible or tax efficient option for every client. As advisors, we know that the words “tax-free” don’t always mean there’s no tax ever paid, just like the term “pre-tax” doesn’t mean there’s always more tax to be paid later.

The point I’m making is that tax law changes and client circumstances can change the landscape for what’s the most tax-efficient savings strategies today versus tomorrow. This is my second blog in a series on what I learned (or was reminded of) in the latest tax season; my first blog, Why I Don’t Like Roth IRAs: Tax Season Lesson, Part 1, garnered some praise and criticism from readers. In this blog, I present two current strategies that I believe might help many clients over the next few years.


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